Each piece of engineering is always born of a brilliant idea, by intuition, by a clear picture of the artwork.
However, because a vision can come to life, it is necessary that this is "incarnate" in a project, in which architectural forms, structures, technologies and materials come together under the guidance of the technique and experience to carry out the work accomplished.
Forum Engineering S.r.l. work in the areas of structural design, design of transport infrastructure and civil works, applied research and experimentation in the laboratory, as well as in the management and control of the construction process.

FORUM ENGINEERING S.r.l. Engineering Company - Via Crescenzio n. 86 - 00193 Rome - Italy - Tel./Fax: +39 06/68135369
Cap. Soc. € 40.000,00 i.v. - C.F. / P.I. 07872471003 - CCIAA di Roma Reg. Imprese di Roma 1059771/2004